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Bike Repair and Maintenance

Repair & Maintenance 

We believe that the difference between a good shop and a great shop is its service department. At Cynergy Cycles, we’re more than just the best place around to buy a bike ­ - we exist to help you make the cycling life a part of your daily existence. For this, you need a bike that functions perfectly, every day.  To schedule a service, email us here!

Our service department is here to take care of you, whether you’re an avid racer, a daily commuter, or a casual cruiser. We believe in our service so much that we offer an unconditional guarantee – if we don’t fix your bike’s mechanical issues, you don’t pay the bill.

Expert Staff

Our mechanics are professionals. They were the best when we hired them, and they participate in training programs for bicycle service and customer service to continue improving their skills. Our friendly staff is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and proactive, and we look forward to helping you solve all of your mechanical issues, small or large.
Learn more about our maintenance and repair service, and schedule today!

Service Menu

Safety Check


Give yourself peace of mind.  This service does not include any new parts or cleaning.  It's a simple check to ensure that everything is in working order.  If we find anything, we'll get you an estimate.

Basic Service


Think of this as your bike's check-up.  We'll adjust your brakes and gears, plus make sure the wheels are rolling straight.

Annual Service and Cleaning



Preventative care is the best performance policy.  With this service, we'll strip, clean, and lube all of the gears, polish the frame, set up your brakes, and true & tension the wheels.

New Bike Feel



Make your bike good as new.  We'll perform a complete rebuild, install any new parts, and get you rolling with brand new tires and grips.